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About Danka

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Danka, a Graphic Designer and a small business owner of Danka S Designs.

With over 10 years professional experience working in corporate settings and in print companies, along with my 4 yr. Bachelor Degree in Design, I have moved forward to work on my own. I really enjoy working with people and having direct contact with my clients on daily basis as a designer. Working directly with a designer helps to create better desired product.

What motivates me at my job is making my clients happy by producing quality work, such as making their logo unique and have it stand out from those of competitors, making their business come to life by developing further into business cards, flyers, brochures, vehicle wraps, t-shirts, websites and other marketing materials. Every job is done to the best of my ability. While working with me you can expect quality and professionalism. All of my customers are satisfied and I prefer to work with company on an ongoing basis. 

Art has always been my passion, I have been drawing since I was a child. I have a high interest level in any type of design and anything creative that inspires my creativity through any visual form such as: interior design, architecture and photography.

When I have some time for myself I like working out, running, listening to music, shopping, taking pictures and traveling. I continuously try to improve myself by staying up to date with design software and visiting design discussions and contests for inspirations or new ideas.

I look forward to working with and helping each and every one of you with my design skills either for your business or personal projects.